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Hello, I’m Tracy “Royce Of Real Estate“; Thank You for visiting my page!

If you’re looking for a local, trustworthy & experienced professional to help you sell fast or short sale in Arizona, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve been working in Arizona foreclosures since 2003, and am a hybrid of a Arizona short sale realtor with a background in foreclosures and investing. My entire real estate career has been dedicated to helping homeowners that need Arizona foreclosure help, just like you!

My value for you is that I have cash buyers, have stopped hundreds of Arizona foreclosures,and actually love what I do! If you need a cash offer on your home, simply fill out the info to the right.

If you’re here to learn more about short sale Arizona or foreclosures, let me simplify some of the information you may be searching for:
Short Sale Arizona Real Estate Blog BLOG: As an Arizona Short Sale Realtor, Investor, Rehabber, and consultant on all things Arizona Foreclosures, I am constantly updating my blog with market updates, foreclosure and short sale news, and so much more!

how does a short sale affect your creditCREDIT IMPLICATIONS: How do short sales, BK, and foreclosures affect credit?*Ask me how I might be able to help you get a foreclosure or short sale removed from your credit!

short sale processSHORT SALE PROCESS: See a quick overview of how the short sale process works, and how to short sale.
short sale tax implicationsTAXES: How does the tax man treat the wiped out debt on my Arizona short sale or foreclosure? Read more about this common question by clicking on the icon. Wondering if the lender can come after you later for money? You may also be searching for answers to Arizona Anti-Deficiency.

We are proud to say that a portion of our proceeds from closings goes to local charities throughout the Phoenix-Metro community.

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royce of real estate testimonial

You did the IMPOSSIBLE!

Hi Tracy, sorry took awhile to get this to you. I can't tell you how much stress we were under once the house went into foreclosure. All the mail, phone calls, and it made it more confusing because it seemed like there were alot of "what ifs" and people telling us they could help. I called you and we felt really good about how honest you were. You and your team took the time to answer every single question we had and what was best was the quickness everything got done. I get that Desert schools isn't easy to work with because I had been dealing with them and Ocwen for months on my own. The fact that now we don't owe any money and no taxes and they can't come after us for anything is, like you said, a miracel. I don't wish this stuff on anybody but I would be happy to recommend you guys to people that may need this type of hlep. Your welcome to use this written testimonial. Be blessed - M