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Arizona Foreclosure Help: National Mortgage Settlement

Borrowers may receive Arizona Foreclosure Help with National Mortgage Settlement   If you’ve had a foreclosure in Arizona between the dates of January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2011, and your bank was is one of the participating lenders in the National Mortgage Settlement, you may be receiving or have already gotten correspondence to show […]


Arizona Short Sale Law: Purchase money mortgages explained

Arizona Short Sale law can be confusing when it comes to topics like construction loans, investment property and how & when purchase money applies.   This article was published as: “Short Sales & Arizona Anti Deficiency Law” September, 2012 issue of Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business, by Daniel Kloberdanz. Any and all copyright […]


Revisions to FHA Condo Rules may aid housing slump

Investor ownership limit increased, legal liabilities for HOA boards decreased   In May of 2012, FHA published revised rules that could convince condo associations across the country to get certified or re-certified for financing, thereby opening individual unit owners and sellers to low down payment, FHA-insured mortgages again. As of now, they are finally doing […]


I need Arizona short sale help…and I’m so embarrassed!

Many borrowers needing Arizona Short Sale Help cringe at the thought of admitting their hardship   A call I often get is from a borrower who is about to fall behind on payments, with many questions. I know they’ve spent sleepless nights, agonizing days, and hours ruminating over the possibility of losing their home to […]


Phoenix Real Estate Market Updates: September 2012

Phoenix Real Estate Market Updates as of September 2012.  


How much do I know I can sell my house for if i short sale in az?

Who actually determines the final sales price of your home if you need Arizona short sale help?   A recent survey conducted in the first-quarter of 2012 of homebuyers and sellers shows that 76% of homeowners believe that their home’s value is worth more than the list price suggested by their realtor. To confuse the […]


Bank of America Short Sale Program Updates

Arizona Short Sale Help for Bank of America Customers: Short Sale Relocation Assistance Program Updates   If you are facing foreclosure and need Arizona short sale help, you could receive $5,000 to $30,000 in relocation assistance.   That’s why Bank of America is excited to offer enhanced relocation assistance. Qualified homeowners who initiate a Preapproved […]


Foreclosure Process in Arizona: Arizona Short Sale Specialist explains Notice of Default

To be, or not to be? Foreclosure Process in Arizona starts with a NOD   The foreclosure process in Arizona isn’t always the easiest to navigate, even starting with knowing if you’re actually IN foreclosure, or just behind on payments.   For starters, it can be as many as a year or more of missed […]


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Tried this on my own, big mistake

“ can I say thank you in just an email. The fact that Jon and you were able to get with my banks and work with them with to this resolved was more of a help then you realize. I didn’t think a short sale would actually be that hard (since I know so many people are doing them) but when I tried to approach it on my own it became a nightmare. What I didn’t realize is that there are professionals who care about what they’re doing and will fight to the end to make sure things get done on time. I know I’m a stickler for things so I can honestly say I’m impressed at how you guys were able to come in and make things happen. Again I’ll send people your way if they need foreclosure help. Take care…”

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