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Homeowners returning to market after Arizona foreclosure

Growth in the housing market partly due to ‘boomerang buyers’ eligible for mortgages after doing a short sale in Arizona   If you have been foreclosed or are looking for Arizona short sale help, a large part of the challenge is wondering “how or when will I ever be able to buy again?” Foreclosures may […]


New Tax Bill Could Mean Trouble for Short Sellers Who Don’t Act Now

Facing a foreclosure is no fun and games as it is, but things could get even worse for homeowners who do not eliminate their mortgage debt by the year’s end. Astonishing tax bills may be on the way if Congress does not act fast.   On December 31, the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act will […]


Saving Unsettled Accounts from HOA Foreclosure

How loan providers can avoid HOA foreclosure from claiming a property   A recent report issued by Bloomberg News claims that about $1 billion in unresolved back taxes is owed to homeowners association (HOAs) across the country.   It isn’t hard to understand why the HOAs are angry. With a consistent loss of money on […]


An inside look at the Arizona short sale process

  Here are 10 important aspects of how the short sale process in Arizona actually works:   What does it mean to do a short sale?   It’s important that a short sale is not confused with a foreclosure. In fact, there are many reasons why a homeowner may need to do a short sale […]


Freddie & Fannie Update Short Sale Guidelines November 2012

Arizona Short Sale Realtor explains good news for borrowers looking to short sale, Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae backed loans   Short sales have skyrocketed in the last two years. In 2011 Fannie Mae reported 70,025 completed short sales, and in 2012 that number is already on its way to being surpassed with 38,717 short […]


Arizona Short Sale Realtor shows waiting to sell may hurt

Upbeat news for 2013 keeps home sellers waiting to get Arizona Short Sale help   Back in 2006 when the housing market was on the rise, buyers trying to buy a home in hot markets complained that there wasn’t enough inventory to satisfy their demands. After the bubble popped and home sales and prices dropped, […]


Short Sale Tax & more: Top 10 Tax Tips for Home Sellers

IRS breaks down top 10 things all homeowners should consider when selling a home   Who doesn’t like a good top 10 list, especially when it’s all about taxes?! I know your accountant already loves you(because you’re the type of person who even READS these types of articles), so in case you want to get […]


Arizona Real Estate Market: October 2012

Phoenix Real Estate Market   Commentary: Sales – month over month   Sales went down last month almost 15%, landing on about 6500 units being sold in September. Since June we’ve been seeing sales figures go down, and this is really just a reflection of the fact that there’s not as much inventory available out […]


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