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Is a Home Warranty included on the purchase of an Arizona Short Sale?

The prices of properties have improved significantly in past 2 years, so you may be looking to sell your property. With the improvement in real estate market, your agent may consider it unnecessary to offer a home warranty, where normally most would advocate to offer one. But, how does a warranty apply in an Arizona […]


Phoenix Real Estate Market Update May 2013

  Sales month over month   For the last three months, Sales have gone up. In april the final sales figure was 8,775   The average over the last 12 months has been around 7,000, so this figure is well above that.   Sales year over year   Sales were up almost 4% this april […]


Setting your Arizona Short Sale Up for Success

Getting your Arizona Short Sale done efficiently largely depends on setting expectations   Short sales are unpredictable in terms of the time it will require in completing the transaction. A few years back, an Arizona short sale was expected to take as long as 2 years in closure and created stress for all the parties […]


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“I bought a small condo in Mesa, AZ that years later was so upside down I didn’t know what to do with it. I had received a letter in the mail saying there could be a cash buyer for my house and I thought I would give it a call. I had gotten probably hundreds of letters and talked to a few people but once I spoke with Jon and Tracy and began working with you guys I knew I was in good hands. Everything went fairly quickly and even the hiccups were handled on your part with ease. I was sad to know the tenants had left the place in such bad condition but getting the sale done was the most important thing to me. I hope another buyer can rent it now and am glad to know it is off my back.”

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