How Are Interest Rates Affecting Short Sale Arizona listings & Buyers?

What’s happening to short sale Arizona listings as interest rates rise and the buying frenzy continues?   What is contract ratio?   One indicator of how “hot” our Arizona market is, is to look at contract ratio. How it does this is by taking the number of finalized sales contracts compared to the number of […]


Short Sale Attorney to discuss legal side of Short Sale Arizona

Short Sale Arizona topics to be covered by Short Sale Attorney on radio show for distressed market   William A. Kozub of Beren’s, Kozub, Kloberdanz & Blonstein will be joining Arizona Short Sale Realtor Tracy “Royce of Real Estate” on Real Estate Rescue Radio.   Real Estate Rescue Radio is Arizona’s premier radio show dedicated […]


How to Get Out of Deficiency Judgement After Short Sale

Avoid foreclosure but make sure the lender cannot pursue you later   There could be nothing worse than losing your house. But, sometimes it’s the only options to get out of a financial mess. Ideally, it allows homeowners to move on to a new place that are not over-leveraged, and pays the bank at least […]


Why You Should Contact an Arizona Short Sale Realtor

Are you facing a foreclosure? Hiring an Arizona short sale expert can make all the difference to your financial situation.   Before the housing bubble burst in 2006, buyers were complaining about the crunch the housing market inventory and lack of quality houses in the market. However, after the burst of the housing bubble, buyers […]


Phoenix Home Values Since the Crash

NOTE: This information and data was provided by the Cromford Report.   One large indication homebuyers and investors look at when buying Phoenix real estate is current values versus “crash” values. The lowest values were in August of 2011, but measuring value and price gets a little trickier.   The value of a property is […]


Easier now to sell house fast Arizona with rising prices

Crunch in Housing Industry eased with increasing values   According to the real estate experts, the investors and potential buyers can expect an increase in the housing inventory in the next few months. Anyone that’s been looking to sell their house fast in Arizona, especially, can be rewarded from the uptick. The main credit for […]


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Compassion & Clarity from your Team

“Hi Tracy...Thank you for keeping in touch and keeping us advised as steps progressed. .Reg and I are soooo very thankful for you and the Team’s handling of all the sheets and letters we received from our mortgage company. We are sorry we lost our beautiful home, but glad it was handled the next best way (for our credit) and that someone else now desires it..."...

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