6 High Value Home Projects You Can Do In A Weekend

There’s so many parts of your property that can make it more appealing, many of which are large ticket items that require professionals. New roofing, updating electrical, plumbing and windows are good examples of things that increase your homes value but are best left to the pros.
If you’re thinking of selling your home or simply sprucing it up for your own enjoyment, there are projects you can tackle yourself that will help add more appeal and value to your property, though. Let’s explore 6 projects that you can tackle in a weekend!
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1) Out with the old, in with the new
Let’s start with the easiest things first. Old wall paper, wood paneling or popcorn ceiling just scream “outdated” or even “tacky!” You’d be amazed at what a clean slate can do to open up a room and give it a fresh new look, just by removing what made it look so dated.
The trick with these items is preparation, more preparation and patience. You do not want to remove old wall paper or just rip off paneling, lest you be at risk at damaging the drywall and/or making a complete mess of your house.
You do NOT want to paint over old wall paper. Take the time to prep and use specific solutions and tools to remove the old wall paper as proficiently as possible.
A quick and dirty tip? Mix a little fabric softener with hot water and spray down the walls where the wall paper is and let sit to loosen up the glue. The ingredients in the softener should loosen the glue and allow the wall paper to come off much more easily.
There are also tools and other products specifically meant for removing old wall paper, so do some research and save yourself the headache.
2) Get at the Garage Door
Depending on how old it is, you could paint / fix / repair your garage door. If replaced, it has a great return on investment (you’ll get almost 100% of your cost recouped!)
It’s less than a few hours for the garage door company or yourself, if you’re very handy and will give the house a nice facelift, to boot.
3) Beautify your Bathroom
Everyone likes having a tiny touch of luxury in their personal “throne” room and in a relatively small space, small updates can make a big difference. Some of the touches you can add over the course of the weekend (assuming you’ve hunted online and otherwise and found what you like) are:
– Change the light fixtures (Hint: wattage and warmth with the light bulbs matter! Pick something that isn’t overpowering but is bright enough to be uplifting and use the same bulbs throughout)
– Paint the entire bathroom a uniform color to create a more spacious feel
– Change the hardware on the cabinetry to something more updated or trendy
– If you’re really ambitious and handy, you could even conquer putting in new flooring as well! Just make sure to do your research and prep in advance to save yourself numerous trips back to the building supply store. (Who are we kidding…5 trips back to Home Depot is par for the course!)
4) Add Crown Molding
Speaking of feeling like royalty, why not add a touch of class by adding crown molding to your rooms? This is a weekend project that will make your home look bigger by drawing the eye upward and make the room appear more airy.
Word to the wise: This project can take some time. Start with the room where you’re going to get the most “WOW” factor and then go room by room afterwards, just in case you can’t knock it out in 2 or 3 days.
5) Add Curb Appeal
Nothing says “Why HELLO there!” like a beautiful front facade; it’s really an invitation to wonder just how fab your house must be on the INSIDE if it looks THIS good from the street. Not only will it make your neighbors jealous, you can do a lot in a couple days. Here’s a few ideas that will add a lot of love to your yard, can be done over the weekend and won’t break the bank:
– Spruce up or create flower beds with seasonal flowers
– If you’re here in AZ, add succulents to create a balanced and bright palette
– Add pavers to create a walkway
– Rent a pressure washer and pressure wash the exterior of your home
– Paint the front door
– Water system permitting, lay sod or exchange for appealing rock with curbing, different shrubbery and perhaps some bright potters to add some extra “pop”.
PRO TIP: Here in Arizona? I love The Plant Stand in Phoenix. They have TON of pottery and even an adorable home goods boutique. Their pricing is fair and it’s worth the trip to explore.
Again, doing your research ahead of time and having tools and materials on hand will help you knock out this project in a shortened amount of time.
6) Take Back Your Backyard
On the other side of things, a great weekend project could be sprucing up your back patio and /or backyard. Those domains can be private sanctuaries, so spending the weekend getting it cleaned up, reinvented and adding features will pay off in enjoyment, and added home value! Some ideas are:
– Re design or update the landscaping
– Remove old rusted stand alone storage sheds and other eye sores (that trampoline from 1996? Gotta go…)
– Add flowers, planters or a veggie garden for extra oomph
– Add trees
With a little inspiration, elbow grease and preparation, your house could be more ahh-pealing and more valuable.
What do you think? Let’s keep the conversation going so leave your comments or feedback below!

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