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Should I Take Out a Personal Loan to Stop Foreclosure in Arizona?

Quite often when I meet with a homeowner facing foreclosure, they’re looking for options to stop foreclosure in Arizona.   One of the most important questions to address if you are trying to stop the foreclosure is “How far behind in payments are you?” Besides owing for so many missed months, if your notice of […]


Arizona Short Sale Realtor Still Helping Those in Distress

Arizona Short Sale Realtor discusses trends, profession   Local Real Estate Agent Shevon Quijano is a newly licensed agent finding her way in the world, or the Phoenix Real Estate market. With that, she’s interviewing, writing about, and sharing knowledge with top agents around the Valley.   In the not so distant past, short sales, […]


How to Short Sale After Divorce

How To Short Sale After Divorce   Going through a divorce can be one of lifes most trying circumstances, and owning property together doesn’t make it any easier. Let’s take an example, though, and learn how to short sale after divorce. *Disclaimer: I am not an Attorney, nor is any of this input meant to […]


Setting your Arizona Short Sale Up for Success

Getting your Arizona Short Sale done efficiently largely depends on setting expectations   Short sales are unpredictable in terms of the time it will require in completing the transaction. A few years back, an Arizona short sale was expected to take as long as 2 years in closure and created stress for all the parties […]


Are Loan Modifications the New Short Sale?

Arizona Short Sales and Loan modifications battle for popularity in ongoing reach for viable foreclosure alternatives   Although Arizona short sales and short sales around the country gained widespread popularity in 2012, with total sales figures reaching new heights as the market continued to improve, experts are questioning whether or not that growth will continue. […]


Arizona Short Sales Outnumbering Bank Owned Home Sales

Lenders show preference to short sale, move through process faster   In order to make back some of the money lost in unpaid debt, lenders have turned to short sales to make a maximum profit, which is evident in the rising sales of foreclosed homes in comparison to bank owned homes in the last year. […]


Short Sale Process in Arizona

How the short sale process in Arizona works   Here is a video that explains in plain and simple terms how to short sale in arizona.   If you’d like a personalized consultation or would like to know how much your home is worth, please fill out the form to the right and we will […]


An inside look at the Arizona short sale process

  Here are 10 important aspects of how the short sale process in Arizona actually works:   What does it mean to do a short sale?   It’s important that a short sale is not confused with a foreclosure. In fact, there are many reasons why a homeowner may need to do a short sale […]


Arizona Short Sale Realtor shows waiting to sell may hurt

Upbeat news for 2013 keeps home sellers waiting to get Arizona Short Sale help   Back in 2006 when the housing market was on the rise, buyers trying to buy a home in hot markets complained that there wasn’t enough inventory to satisfy their demands. After the bubble popped and home sales and prices dropped, […]


I need Arizona short sale help…and I’m so embarrassed!

Many borrowers needing Arizona Short Sale Help cringe at the thought of admitting their hardship   A call I often get is from a borrower who is about to fall behind on payments, with many questions. I know they’ve spent sleepless nights, agonizing days, and hours ruminating over the possibility of losing their home to […]


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Tried this on my own, big mistake

“ can I say thank you in just an email. The fact that Jon and you were able to get with my banks and work with them with to this resolved was more of a help then you realize. I didn’t think a short sale would actually be that hard (since I know so many people are doing them) but when I tried to approach it on my own it became a nightmare. What I didn’t realize is that there are professionals who care about what they’re doing and will fight to the end to make sure things get done on time. I know I’m a stickler for things so I can honestly say I’m impressed at how you guys were able to come in and make things happen. Again I’ll send people your way if they need foreclosure help. Take care…”

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