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When does the sale actually happen in a short sale or foreclosure?

How to know when the property has officially been sold through short sale or foreclosure   This article is contributed by guest blogger Emily Dressler of   Short Sale   Short sales can be confusing, and there is some definite confusion on when the property is actually transferred. Regardless of whether it’s a short […]


5 Blunders of Crappy Listing Agent

As a listing agent that specializes in helping homeowners sell fast, it makes me shake my head when I come across horrible listings. I cringe at the bad grammar, awful pictures, and lack of descriptions (really, this is acceptable?!) With the market stabilizing, it’s not as easy as sticking your home up for sale and […]


Lenders on the Hunt: Pursue Those Who Did a Strategic Default?

The increase in number of those who chose to do a strategic defaulter has made collection an expensive and ineffective process.   The economic downturn in 2008 was the trigger for real estate bubble, which left millions of homeowners underwater. Most of the properties lost their value and homeowners lost any potential hope of regaining […]


Short Sale Still Only Option for Millions of US Homeowners

What’s spun in media garble as a housing bubble, the return of real estate, or the next boom, has overlooked (or wanted to forget) that there are still millions of homeowners nationwide that are still left facing an underwater mortgage. For those celebrating the return of equity, there are those facing foreclosure left with little […]


How to Twerk Your Real Estate Business

I’m going there, I’m writing this article. After being eye-assaulted by a misguided once likeable tween star from the VMA’s, I felt compelled to somehow rid myself of the vampire of images I’ve been left with.   To flush myself of the mess that I really didn’t mean to watch (I was out and it […]


Upside Down Mortgage Leads Homeowners to Abandon Properties

When leaving becomes easier than dealing with upside down mortgage Facing foreclosure is already stressful, and if you’re living in the property, it can seem downright claustrophobic. But, those owners that try to go through the short sale process in Arizona are doing their best to exit gracefully. Other owners are simply giving up, giving […]


A first time home buyer – How does he calculate his monthly mortgage payments?

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial risks that people take and before you take the plunge into the home buying bandwagon, you should calculate your home affordability. If you’ve thought that payments towards mortgage loans usually consist of only items like interest rate and the principal amount, you’re probably mistaken. There are […]


Local Investor/Agent Tracy “Royce of Real Estate” to be on KQCK Radio

Join us Tuesday Februaru 26th on “In The Know with Tom Diller” along with special guests Tracy Royce and Kevin Hardin.   Tracy is a well-known distressed market Realtor and Investor. She has a wealth of knowledge that she uses to help homeowners make an informed decision.   She will be talking about what’s happening […]


DIY Home Improvement for low cost & high impact

With Arizona real estate values rising, homeowners are using easy DYI home improvement to update   The housing market has led to disappointment and loss of ambition for millions of homeowners who were affected or repelled by its collapse five years ago. Not only did home sales hit record lows – while foreclosures hit record […]


The Flow of Foreclosed Homes is Precipitating

Lack of foreclosures leaves buyers wanting for more deals   Housing markets across the country are currently experiencing a home foreclosure drought. A lack of foreclosed homes in the market has led to fewer discounts for home buyers and an increase in prices of distressed homes. Investors, first time buyers and buyers who are generally […]


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Glad it’s OVER!

Tracy I know you are a figther. The house had been sitting there for over a year and the bank wouldn't do anything with it or help me. I'm glad to know you have gotten it closed with someone that will fix it up and i'm even happier I don't owe anything anymore or on my credit card since that was on the house too. You guys got done in a few months what I couldn't get done ever by myself. I'll keep you in mind if anyone else I know needs help. God bless.

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