Do you have to disclose if your house is haunted when selling your home?

If you are selling a house in Arizona and you think it was haunted or you know that someone died in the home, are you supposed to tell the Buyer?
Technically, no, but if realtors are involved, they are obligated to tell the truth. So if you tell them that the house is haunted and someone asks them about it, they will have to disclose what they know.
What about if someone died in the property, or someone was actually murdered?
Again, here in Arizona, if you’re selling a home, you do NOT have to disclose that. But if your agent is aware of it and they are asked, they will have to share what they know.
This law varies from state to state so if you’re selling a haunted house or a house where someone died, you’ll need to check on what you’re responsible for disclosing though.
Another layer of disclosure here in Arizona when selling a home is a form that is given to the Buyers from the Sellers that goes through everything they know about the home. The form is called the Seller Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS, for short) and asks specifics about the material items of the house like roofing, plumbing, foundation, termites, mold, noise and even if the house was used as a drug lab. There is nothing specifically asking if the house was haunted or the site of a death, though.
Home sellers in Arizona are not lawfully obligated to disclose on the SPDS any natural deaths, murders, or paranormal activity. In the same token, though, Sellers cannot lie about paranormal activities, just like their agent must disclose anything they’ve been made aware of too, if asked.
All in all, the due diligence process should give the Buyer ample time to find out anything they’d like to know about the home. If they’re interested or heard rumors that the house may be haunted, it would be prudent to research it themselves. This could include talking to neighbors and researching online to find out more information.
On the other hand, some Sellers advertise and tout the house as a haunted house, to add to the appeal. If that’s the case, then certainly they have to disclose what they know.
One caveat is if you are selling your Arizona home without any disclosures, usually to a cash investor that is willing to buy the house in the current condition. Many investors do not care about material (or metaphysical!) issues with the house so long as they’re buying it at a price that makes sense for them. Those sales are usually quicker, less hassle for the seller and involve much less (if any) nit picking about the properties condition or past.
FUN FACT: Did you know there are several spots in Phoenix that are supposedly haunted? Those include Hotel San Carlos, the Orpheum Theatre, Casey Moores in Tempe and Rosson House.
Do you think it’s fair that Arizona sellers don’t have to disclose a death or haunting when selling their home? Would you buy a haunted house? Leave your thoughts below!

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