How it Works

We’re here to help you sell your home. Simply.



  • We go through the pertinent information about your property
  • A walk through inspection is conducted
  • For qualified Sellers, we present 2 options within 24 hours on how to best sell your property, based on YOUR needs, timelines and desired outcome
  • Confused about using an Investor offer or selling with agents?? We help you sell to make you the MOST money in the LEAST amount of time. It’s that easy.

It’s QUICK and EASY because we explain and present options. We’ll walk you through the process and make it hassle-free.


  • Our services are FREE to you. – We don’t get paid until we solve your problem! 
  • Trusted, local resource with over a decade of specialized knowledge and team of professionals – We’re an established, local business here to help homeowners. 
  • Our combined approach presents the difference between selling to an Investor or using Real Estate Agents. YOU CHOOSE. – No more guessing games.  
  • All of our solutions are offered “in house”; you will work with us the entire time and we’ll walk you through the process
  • You choose how to sell, we do the rest. – Selling your home can be stressful, but we make it hassle-free. 
  • We can provide you additional resources for moving, credit repair, finding a rental, etc – We can’t help you move but we can refer you to people who would love to! 
  • Excellent customer service and communication – You want to know what’s happening!  
  • Knowledgeable and caring staff to prepare paperwork and handle your transaction. – We make it easy. 

Interested in seeing if you qualify? CLICK HERE to request a consultation or call our office today at 602-899-0444.

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