How to Update Your Bathroom on the Cheap

How to Update your Bathroom Cheap

Does Spring have you inspired to clean, declutter, or update your home? If so, bathrooms are a great place to invest since it’s a high-traffic space. Maybe you’re tired of staring at the outdated cabinetry that got painted aqua (in a fit of inspiration), or the toilet seat that is mis-matched to anything else in the bathroom. Can’t afford to do a total remodel, or simply don’t have the desire? Here’s some small projects you can do yourself without breaking the bank, or taking more than a weekend and making you miss The Bachelor. Unacceptable.
I start with this project because it’s the most simple, easiest way to update the look of your bathroom. If you have a small space, stay away from dark colors that will make the space feel claustrophobic. If you can’t live without a bold color, try a accent wall instead. Bathrooms are supposed to be an area of rejuvenation, relaxation and restoration so think along those lines in terms of shades. Whatever color you choose, use semi-gloss paint, though. It helps wick moisture unlike flat paint.
Give your bathroom some bling
Exchanging your shower head or water fixtures is pretty easy and can add a lot of pop.
Before you take anything apart, make sure the water source is turned off. You’ll also want to make sure that the water fixture you choose fits the holes that are in the countertop. Don’t mix and match finishes, though. If you’re on a “chrome budget” it’s best to stick with like-kind finishes (chrome showerhead to go with chrome faucet, for instance) rather than splurging on an expensive faucet that doesn’t match your lighting or other fixtures.
Updating the lighting fixtures in your bathroom is a simple and quick way to give your bathroom some new sparkle. You may have to do some touch-up paint afterwards but a more luxurious lighting element in your powder room or bathroom adds punch, without costing much. (I swear I didn’t mean to rhyme there.)
Surround yourself
If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, updating the bathtub surround is a great way to not only feel like you’ve nearly gotten a new bathroom, but also add value to your property. If you’re not handy, this is probably a project left to the pros. But a good handyman or tiling professional can have your shower surround done within a few days of you deciding on what tile, layout and look you want to achieve. With so many options of ceramic tile that look high-end (but have low prices), if you have the know-how and patience, this project is relatively straight forward and cost-effective if you can do it yourself. Even if you do hire a professional, it’s an expense that will pay dividends if you’re selling your house before the style would be considered outdated, which should be at least 5-10 years.
how to update your bathroom cheapMake sure you have an extra layer of water-proof insulation, lest water leak through and cause an issue later down the line. Also, you may want to take some time to research the materials, look and budget you want to stick to since this is a long-term update. Pinterest,, among others are great resources for inspiration and information.
Change the outfit
Do all these sound like too much work, but you still want a fresh look to your private oasis? Let’s change the outfit in your bathroom, instead. Decide on a look (or feel) you want to go for, and exchange out the shower curtain, floormats, pictures, decor and mirror. It’s a fun treasure hunt that you can do in a weekend and still accomplish getting an update. Hunting through ebay, flea markets, and antique shops for unique statement pieces can give your space a flare, too. Heck, even Target has a wonderful array of decor and bathroom accessories that can achieve a higher-end and special feel. It really just depends on your budget, patience and desired look.
There you have it, from super simple and fun to more complex, you have options to update your bathroom in one weekend on any budget. What do you think? Have fun with your update, and leave your comments below!
Tracy Royce of Real Estate is an Arizona Realtor, Investor, Rehabber and distressed property expert. Connect with her on Facebook .
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