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Government Entities Foreclosure Alternative Programs
Making Home Affordable
Home Affordable Modification Program
Freddie Mac Short Sale Information
Fannie Mae Foreclosure Help
Arizona Attorney General – resources for Arizona homeowners facing foreclosure
Arizona Department of Housing – Arizona Foreclosure Helpline
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The only app of it’s kind that will give you an idea of how much your home is worth, customized to your situation, and give you insight to short sale, stay put, or move on.
FREE Arizona Short Sale Sellers Guide – An A-Z guide for the Arizona short sale process
FREE GUIDE: 7 Ways to Stop Arizona Foreclosure Now
FREE GUIDE: Tips for Selling Your Home – Surviving your first sale
How long do I have to wait after a Short Sale or Foreclosure to qualify again? CHEAT SHEET HERE
How does a loan mod, foreclosure, Short Sale, or BK affect me until I can get another mortgage? CHEAT SHEET HERE
Surviving your First Sale: Sellers Guide
Short Sale Documents
Arizona Short Sale Guide
Example of a Hardship Letter
Hardship Letter
Dodd Frank Addendum
Freddie Mac Form 1126
Freddie Mac Request for Mortgage Assistance Form (RMA)
Links for Arizona Anti Deficiency Information
Arizona anti deficiency statutes – Anti Deficiency Statutes are ARS 33-729(A) (purchase money mortgages) and ARS 33-814(G)(deeds of trust).
Article Explaining Purchase Money Mortgages and Anti Deficiency
Article Explaining Anti Deficiency and Arizona Short Sales
Lender Websites – Short Sale & Foreclosure Information
Bank of America Short Sale Programs
Wells Fargo Short Sale Program
CITI Mortgage – Foreclosure FAQ’s
Ocwen Short Sale Package
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