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Sell My House Fast Phoenix

WARNING: If you are facing foreclosure, time is NOT on your side. In order to stop foreclosure you must take action! Even if you need a Plan “B”, don’t wait until it’s too late to find a solution. Our services are FREE, our solutions are REAL, and you are under NO OBLIGATION, but you must act quickly or else we may not be able to help. CALL NOW!
Millions of people have lost their homes to foreclosure but may homeowners don’t know they have options to stop foreclosure in Arizona and SELL house fast Arizona. If you’re scared, frustrated, or need answers to your situation, pick up the phone and call us today at 602-741-1602.
Knowing who to trust can be scary, too! See what our clients say about us.

Customized solution to help you Sell My House Fast Phoenix

Royce of Real Estate offers various tips that help to Sell My Phoenix House Fast. Arizona homeowners have many protections that many people in other states do not have, so it’s important to work with someone that knows your options to stop foreclosure Arizona.
sell my house fast phoenix
There are options to stop foreclosure in Arizona, and it really depends on your personal situation. For instance, you may:
1) Try to refinance or do a loan modification
Depending on the loan you have and the programs available, you may be able to refinance. If you are behind on payments though, your options become much more limited. Often times doing a loan modification is a very short-term band aid for a long-term challenge.
2) Try to short sale Arizona
Short Sale Arizona is the process of working with your Lenders to have them accept less than what is owed. The short sale process in Arizona can take 3-6 months and often times your lenders will pay you to short sale. We have many cash buyers ready and waiting, so this will help the short sale process go much faster than usual. If you owe more than your house is worth, this may be a viable option. Call for more information.
3) Have someone take over your payments
If you have very little equity or none at all, you may be eligible for someone to take over your house payments. This is a way to stop foreclosure because the back payments owed would be made current. Although the debt is still in your name until someone else gets a new loan in their name, there are precautions you can put in place so you are protected. This is a unique option so call for more information.
4) Sell my Phoenix house fast to a cash Buyer
Even if you don’t have equity, this is still an option. If you need to sell house fast Arizona and stop foreclosure, have a no hassle sale, and make it easy, this is an option for you. We have many cash buyers that can bring you an offer right away.
5) Sell your house on the MLS
If your house is in top condition and has equity, it may be a top option to simply list it as a traditional sale and stop foreclosure by selling it to the highest offer. If you are facing foreclosure you still have to be sensitive to the auction date, though. You must also be willing to have the home available to be shown, clean, and presentable at all times. We are a full-service brokerage so if you would like to consider this as one of your options, we specialize in helping homeowners that need to stop foreclosure and sell quickly.
6) Bankruptcy
We don’t encourage people to go this route unless you have exhausted other options, or in very specific situations. Keep in mind, if you are in foreclosure, a bankruptcy does not stop foreclosure. It will delay it for awhile, but it also will cost you dearly in credit rating. We have attorneys you can contact to see if this is a good option for you to try.
You can also opt for forbearance that allows you to either pay partial payments or no mortgage payments for a specific time. One of the most important things that you need to follow is to select the right option that suits your financial and personal circumstances. You can call us at 602-741-1602 to discuss your options.
Royce of Real Estate implements number of programs that assist homeowners who are at the high risk of foreclosure. The majority of our programs provide a summary of factors on how stop foreclosure in Arizona.
I have built my entire career around helping Sellers and Arizona homeowners that are facing foreclosure, which includes being a licensed and qualified Arizona Short Sale Realtor, and having built a network of dozens of Investor Buyers and Buyers Agents. If you need to sell house fast Arizona and stop foreclosure, look no further!
Which option do you like best to sell my house fast Phoenix?

Not sure which option is right for you? Everyone’s situation is different, and if you’re facing foreclosure or need to stop foreclosure, speaking with legal and tax advisers is highly encouraged. Remember, if you need a legal consult, your consultation fee will be refunded to you upon closing when you sell house fast Arizona with us.
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Need to Short Sale? Read on:
If you pick up the phone to call a local agent, most Agents only know how to help you do one thing, list your home (and pray it sells) either as a Short Sale or Regular Sale. When your notice of Trustee’s Sale is posted, you may have less than 90 days from start to finish to get your home sold. In that case, it’s no longer about getting top dollar, it’s about racing the clock, and resolving your challenge with a favorable outcome. If an short sale is NOT right for you, I can provide other options.
Keep in mind, if you do an Arizona Short Sale, YOUR BANK pays all the commissions! Use the best Arizona Short Sale Realtor your bank can afford! Plus, in most cases, your bank will PAY YOU to Short Sale!
Not sure if you’re upside down? That’s OK, we can do a customized home evaluation. Contact me today at 602-741-1602.
When you Short Sale Arizona with us we:
arizona short sale realtor – Make sure the short sale is as hassle free and fast as possible
– Work with any and all of your lenders to get them to accept the best possible deal for you
– Review your approval letters to make sure finalizing the sale is in your best interest
– Fight to get you moving money – $3,000 – $30,000
– Bring you a QUICK cash offer, without using the MLS!
– Keep you and all other parties updated on the progress of your Arizona Short Sale.
– Guide you to credit repair specialists after your sale
If your agent isn’t providing all this, it’s time to hire another Arizona short sale Realtor! Call us today at 602-741-1602
There are a lot of resources on our website, so please browse Royce of Real Estate and learn more about how to stop foreclosure! When you’re ready, fill out the form to the right or call us directly at 602-741-1602 for a one on one confidential consultation.

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“…I was so tired of dealing with the run around with my bank and HOA, and didn’t know where really to start with a short sale. Someone recommended Tracy and she has treated me and my family with so much respect that it really made me feel alot more comfortable in the process. My kids were living in the property and I was trying to make ends meat but now we managed to get the property sold and off our hands. Tracy please thank you team as well for walking through this with us, you’ve been very professional and to know I don’t owe any money anymore means a great deal.”

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