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Phoenix Real Estate Market November 2015

Phoenix Real Estate Market November 2015     Monthly Sales: Since last month have dropped around 9% but are up over 2% from this time last year. In October 2015 we had 6,304 sales completed.   New Inventory: We have started to see inventory come on the market a little bit more quickly, now. Apparently […]


Phoenix Real Estate Market Update June 2014

Monthly Sales The sale volume in May was almost 3% lower than it was in April. And year over year sales in may was down about 21%, which reversed the improvement we saw in April when sales were only down by 12.5%.   So to put it in perspective, we’ve had 32,087 sales through the […]


Phoenix Real Estate Market Update | March 2014

Phoenix Real Estate Market   Monthly Sales –   Although we should be Marching along here, sorry bad pun, we are significantly lagging behind last years numbers. We only had about 6700 sales last month.   New Inventory –   To make matters worse, we have more inventory for Buyers now, too. Both stats are […]


Arizona real estate ranked by city for Buyers and Sellers December 2013

It seems like not so long ago that Phoenix real estate was hotter than it’s sidewalks in July. How quickly the tides have turned, with most of the Valley converting into a Buyers market. If you’re looking to buy, sell, or are just interested in knowing what’s happening in your area, this information will be […]


Phoenix Real Estate Market Update May 2013

  Sales month over month   For the last three months, Sales have gone up. In april the final sales figure was 8,775   The average over the last 12 months has been around 7,000, so this figure is well above that.   Sales year over year   Sales were up almost 4% this april […]


Arizona Foreclosure Market Update February 2012


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“Hey Tracy, just a quick note to say thanks from me and the wife about the short sale. I have to admit I was a little worried about wrecking our credit. We really appreciate you taking care of all this and letting us know with texts and emails and phone calls what was going on, and how surprised I was we got it sold with only ONE late payment on my credit and without owing a dime. All the stuff you hear about how hard it is to do a short sale, how agents hate them….I can’t tell you how glad we are we found you. It went quickly and your professionalism and kindness to walk us through it is more than appreciated.”

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