Take Over House Payment

Take Over House Payment Program is designed for distressed homeowners that cannot pay their mortgage anymore and are ready to walk away.
We also offer pre-foreclosure solutions like Short Sale, Listing Your Home, or Selling Your Home to sell fast. If you’re unsure of which program is best for you, call our office today at 602-741-1602 for a personalized consultation.

What is the Take Over House Payment Program?

Our Take Over House Payment program is simple and works well with non-assumable mortgages. We’ll take over your property and you’re no longer responsible for mortgage payments. We offer this relief program to homeowners who are ready to walk away, even if you owe more than your home is worth. We then take care of the property and bear all the maintenance costs.
How can Take Over House Payment Program help me?

take over house payment

Need financial relief? We have solutions!

Here’s how we can help:
We take over house payments – even if you’re underwater! An Investor Buyer will become the owner and will take care of your house payments. You don’t have to make any more mortgage payments to your bank or lender. We’ll take care of the repair cost, maintenance, vacancy, and any pending foreclosure.

All necessary updates and repairs are our responsibility. We are going to take care of any important property updates and repairs required for the sale of your house. We’ll take over your house in “As IS” condition. You don’t have to be worried about the maintenance and repair costs anymore. If you’re ready to walk away from your home and want to get rid of the stress of mortgage payments and repairs, our Take Over House Payment Program may be right for you.
We’ll take care of your house and mortgage payments. We have a system in place to control the property without hassle. In the Take Over House Payment Program, the house will be professionally managed, so you no longer have to stress about upkeep, tenants, etc. In most of the cases, our deals are closed within 30 days of the property handover. Any distressed property owners with little to no options left can contact us immediately at 602-741-1602.
• How much does it cost? We work with zero upfront transaction fees or commissions for your property. The new Owner on your property does not profit unless the payments are made and the house is eventually sold to pay off your loans. We have designed this program for the homeowners who are unable to afford monthly mortgage payments and are need financial relief with no cost.
Our program offers immediate relief to distressed homeowners with underwater properties, low equity, and lots of equity. If you have tried for short sale, are unable to manage monthly payments, need immediate financial relief, and are otherwise ready to walk away out of frustration, we can help. Call us immediately at 602-741-1602.
Why let someone take over your house payments?
Tired of the run around from the banks?! If you have already given your hard-earned money to your lender, and have gotten nowhere, why give your house back to them? Where’s YOUR bailout, after all?
If you are taking money out of your retirement savings, college funds, and emergency savings to save your home, it is time to get some professional advice. Is it worthwhile to give away your savings or future to come up with your monthly mortgage payments? Take control of your financial life with our Take Over House Payment Program and stop throwing “good money at bad”. We can even take over non-assumable loans, plus you’re able to see that the payments are made on time.
Important Note: We deal in distressed properties and creative solutions. If you need to list your home to get full price, we can help with that too. However, if you need to sell quickly, we offer alternatives to a traditional sale. In any scenario, we don’t make money unless we can successfully help you solve your problem – but this is a business just like any other business.
take over house payment arizonaThe Investor Buyer that takes over your house payment becomes the OWNER of the property, and relieves you of payments, maintenance, property taxes, and HOA payments. They only make a profit when the monthly mortgage payments are made and when the home is ultimately sold to an end buyer – we do not want your home to fall behind on payments or foreclose! Your mortgage(s) will be paid in full when the house is re-sold to a 3rd party, typically a Lease Option Tenant that has occupied the property for some duration. You are always able verify that the mortgage payments are being made on time.We cannot guarantee a timeline of when your home will be sold to an end buyer, but if you are tired of pouring money towards a house and need a better solution, give us a call today at 602-741-1602.

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