Top 5 Listing Fails That Buyers Hate

Considering social media, listing syndication through websites, and mobile friendly websites, the role of the Buyer’s agent has changed. Long gone are the days where the agents heralded the information apart from what Buyers were able to see.
Now, prospective buyers are able to take the reins to browse homes they’re interested in seeing. Buyers agent can help guide, negotiate, and provide feedback along with providing additional listings to see. Here’s the top 5 things Buyers and their agents hate in poorly-done listings.
#5. Asking too much
Unless you’re in a percolating market where multiple offers are the norm, overpricing a home can be a major deterrent. Whether it was at the hands of an ambitious listing agent who only got the listing if they agreed to a sky-high price, a homeowner who insisted, or a combination of the both, nothing can turn away Buyers more than seeing a home they love at a price they hate. If there’s other similar properties listed more reasonably, they may never even come to see yours. It may also give the impression that you’re not going to be easy to negotiate with, since the starting price is outside of a normal range.
#4. Not enough information in the Listing
When a Buyer is searching online for homes, it’s convenient to know the bare minimum of a home’s information like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage. But just as importantly, it’s efficient for the interested Buyers to know the homes specifics like amenities, school districts, upgrades, condition, and any other pertinent particulars. No one likes to waste time by arranging a time to see the home with all parties, getting in the car, spending time, gas, and energy only to discover that the home doesn’t have something that was a deal breaker to the Buyer, that should have been included in the listing copy. The more specific the listing is, the better.
listing fails #3. Over-selling the home in the Listing
To the opposite end, it can be equally disappointing to see a few flattering pictures and read a poetic description of the home, only to discover it’s quite generous in flavor. If “updated kitchen” translates into 20 year old cabinets that have new hardware, it’s obvious the home may sound better than it looks. Although the job of a good listing agent is to be descriptive and generate interest in the property, Buyers hate wasting time seeing a property that was embellished online.
#2. House is dirty & smelly
I’ve written plenty of articles on how something so simple as keeping a house clean when you are selling your home can be a major benefactor to a good offer and quick sale. On the other end of the spectrum, having Buyers show up to a home to be greeted with pet odors, garbage piling up, or a messy environment is a big deterrent. Buyers hate home-shopping for such a large purchase and having the home less than perfectly clean.
#1. Awful photos
In the selfie-crazed population, photos are a big deal. They should be eye-catching, flattering and make Buyers want to hop in the car to see the home as quickly as possible. Bad photos taken with low-resolution cameras, or worse, camera phones, can easily ward off Buyers that otherwise may have been more interested if they saw the true condition & beauty of a property. Newbie listing agents or agents that don’t take as much pride or time in their listings are to blame, but it hurts everyone since all parties benefit when a home gets sold. Bad photos can cause the home to sit on the market longer, deter buyers and equal a lower purchase price. It may take a savvy Buyers agent to convince the Buyers to see the home anyway, but Listing agents should always have professional photos in their listings.
If you’re out looking for properties, or if you sell properties, what other things make for a bad listing?
Tracy(G+) is a Distressed Property Expert, Investor, Rehabber, and pre-foreclosure specialist in the Phoenix-metro market. She also is an avid blogger, social media enthusiast and contributor to leading Real Estate Magazines.

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