Curriculum for Flip School (Approximately 20 hours of content)

The mindset, network and habits for a successful investor

Know where and how to find motivated Sellers

Using Seller Direct Marketing

Learning how to have deals brought to YOU

Buying pre-foreclosure, REO and auction properties

Evaluate a property for profitability

Be better at negotiating and making a deal (and when to walk away)

Writing contracts for deals (with safety clauses!)

Comping deals like a pro (even in a changing market)

Understand options on how to fund your first flip

Understand what elements of a property to update for resale

Working with contractors (even as a newbie)

Tips for project management and payments

“Packaging” your project for sale like a true professional

Getting your project successfully resold, even in a changing market

Private Facebook Group

Connect with your fellow Flip School friends, get support from your coach and get questions answered in the private Facebook group. This is where I also share updates, (ok we also share fun posts and pet pictures).

Weekly Quizzes and Assignments

I want to get you taking imperfect, consistent ACTION! Each module has a quiz, assignment, or both. Come prepared to our group calls to review your homework and practice in a safe setting. I want you ready to step in to the real world of investing with CONFIDENCE.

Access to Templates, Checklists, Scripts, and Updated Content

Just SOME of the resources you’ll have access to are: (These alone can make/save you THOUSANDS!)

Seller Direct Marketing resources and insights (Learn where and how to find the most motivated Sellers and how to negotiate with them directly)

Outline of Questions you MUST ask any lender (you will sound like a pro and be taken more seriously!)

Property walkthrough checksheet to help create your scope (This 7 page walkthrough will help you create a thorough scope and get better bids and budgeting)

Cheat sheet for pulling comps (Don’t ever leave your numbers up to others; learn to look at values like the pros)

Private Money Lending Email Request Template (use my email template to help you raise capital)

Go To Market Checklist (This is what will make your project stand out against the others, get people excited and make you look like a pro)

– Access to updated content in your Dashboard

– Access to Facebook Live discussions (market updates, etc).

– Your enrollment includes lifetime access to Flip School

An Entire Interactive Course

Flip School has over 20 hours of video content at your fingertips, broken down in to the most actionable, easy to understand flow that will have you feeling more educated, prepared and confident in no time! Not all learners do well with reading a book, most students want interaction, accountability and also ways to learn and practice in a safe setting before buying their first flip. Flip School is YOUR hybrid course that is all that and MORE!


Ladies – You have an additional module dedicated to an exclusive look on how I have successfully navigated this business and tips on how you can too. Your bonus video gives you insights on how to become more confident, how to create a team of SUPPORTIVE, professional vendors and how to practice effective and confident communication. I believe every woman should understand how to buy an income property, so let me help introduce you to flipping!

What this course will NOT cover / will NOT include:

– Buying rentals

– Flipping land, commercial property, multi family, mobile homes or anything other than Single Family Homes, Condos and Townhomes.

– Flipping luxury properties; this will focus on ENTRY level and MOVE UP priced properties

– Flipping new construction

– Getting rich quickly or guru “secrets”

– Flipping properties out of state or out of the country

– There is no private 1-1 coaching, but you will be learning and sharing in a group environment through Zoom, Facebook and Group Q&A

– Scaling an existing business. If you have flipped a property before, this course may be helpful to improve your experience/process, but if you already have an active flip business going, this course does not teach scaling up operationally, systems, hiring, etc.

What’s the cost for Flip School?

Retail pricing for the tuition for Flip School is currently $5,999, but the pricing will be posted once we start our Spring promotion in early 2023.

Yes, there are courses out there that charge 5 – 10x more than this, and you can be the judge of whatever program fits best for your needs and budget. I am keeping this course affordable for those students who want a HYBRID of a thorough, organized, structured course with resources, but also provides ACCESS to a live coach to answer questions.

You will have access to future updates, lifetime access to the provided resources and can revisit the materials at any time.

“Money well worth the knowledge you will gain from this course. An awesome bonus is meeting other people with the same goals…”



Who is this course for?

This course is for the student who is looking to understand the process of finding, fixing and flipping properties, step by step with access to an instructor and in a group of like-minded friends.

If you have tried the books, blogs, forums, and meetups and are struggling with the know how of how to put it all together or the confidence to get out there and actually TAKE ACTION, this course is for you. Also, if you’re new and wanting to learn in a group setting with an active investor, you’re in the right place!

By the end of this course, you will understand how to find, evaluate, renovate and sell a property for profit, gain the confidence and skill to earn massive profits, and fix up outdated, problem and ugly properties to sell to new owners.

“…Then she promoted her course, and I had no doubt that her course would be excellent. And her course was beyond excellent!

I had listened to many podcasts and read books about real estate + flipping. But Tracy’s flip school course was so much more than I could have ever learned from the podcasts and books. In her course Tracy really breaks down the fundamentals in such a concise and well planned process providing so much insight. I learned so much!

I would absolutely recommend the Flip School Course for beginners”.



“Taking Tracy’s Flips schools was one of the best decisions I could have made in 2022. You see, I had been looking for someone that would teach the basic fundamentals to flipping a home.

Right from the start! I was engaged and very quickly started learning the language of a flipper, helping me communicate with Lenders, Contractors and other Investors. Tracy kept it real, reminding us that the first tool you’ll need to be successful is MINDSET.

…I can honestly say that I am in a much better place because of what I learned in Flip school. 2023 #LFG “




What if I don’t have funds for a down payment? Or enough to cash to buy a flip outright? All these investors seem to pay cash and I don’t have that kind of money!

We’ll definitely be covering the set up, strategies and multiple different ways you can purchase your first flip property, even with little to no of your own funds.

I‘m interested in flipping a house but not 100% sure if it’s the type of investing I want to do.

That’s a very fair concern! I’m convinced all the TV shows have really created the business of purchasing/renovating/reselling homes in to a dream job, without really showing the entire process or disclosing the potential pitfalls. This course will expose you to the process and help you decide if it’s right for you. If ultimately it’s not, you’ve saved yourself months of time, possibly tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes and lost opportunity, but will at the same time, give you a skill set to recognize a possible flip (and what to do with that opportunity instead).

How will I know what a good deal even is?

The backbone of being a flipper is understanding the evaluation of a potential projects, not what colors to paint the walls and how designer the house can be made (sorry!) This course will give you the tools and skills to look for, make offers on and just as importantly, when to pass over on properties.

What if everything around me is expensive? There’s no way I can afford to flip houses in my market.

I’m aware the market has gone up an incredible amount in most areas. This course will still be focusing on strategies to target ENTRY LEVEL and MOVE UP price point homes, in your area, and being able to buy and flip them, even creatively.

I want to buy a flip in the next 12-36 months; should I wait to do this course?

Actually, the opposite! Many investors start in the education phase long before they move in to action phase; the important part is just not to get stuck there. Getting yourself familiar and comfortable with the first steps is really the best initiation on your journey. It’s not an overnight business, and understanding that it could take a bit of ongoing and consistent action to land your first good deal means that the sooner you learn the right skills, the more ready you will be. Also, as the market shifts, if you think that there will be more opportunity to buy, I would encourage you to be preparing NOW.

What if I can’t be on every live Zoom call? My schedule isn’t always predictable.

Each week, a new lesson with its quizzes and assignments will open. You will have the week to listen to the lesson and complete the homework at your availability. The Friday LIVE zoom calls will be to review the homework and answer questions. The Facebook group is also available for you to interact, ask questions and have the extra accountability.

I’m really in debt, struggling with finances but want to flip a house because it seems I could make a lot of money. Should I take this course?

NO, my strong feedback is to focus on taking care of your current financial situation before trying to take on a major investment of time, effort and money like flipping a property. There are a TON of free resources to start with while you get afloat and I will also always continue to share and teach online through my social channels.

Why is this course so inexpensive? I’ve seen flip companies charging $20,000 – $50,000 for flipping secrets, coaching and teaching.

Honestly, there are no “secrets”, and I’d be weary of any company saying they can provide you a magic bullet to become a success. I cannot speak to other programs, but I am offering this course at an affordable price, because all sessions and correspondence will be done in group/online settings during the schedules times, as to encourage more accountability, group learning and streamlined support.

***Please note: Flip School is only going to be offered 3 times a year. I am a full time real estate investor myself, so am building Flip School as a supportive and effective platform for which to give interested students an education at an affordable price. ***

“Absolutely loved Flip School with Tracy! She is very knowledgeable in this space and was able to provide helpful information on how to get started in the fix and flipping industry without having to spend a bunch of money. The live Zooms each week were a fun and collaborative way for us students to learn. Thank you, Tracy!”



Is Flip School right for you?

If flipping has been appealing to you, but you’ve struggled putting the pieces together, want a supportive guide and want insight and guidance during a changing market, this course is for you. Flipping properties is not a casual hobby, so it’s also very important to be aware of the best way to approach the process, procedures and resale.

Most investors focus on the potential profits, but gloss over the areas that can cost them dearly. A typical earnest deposit can be $2,500 – $10,000, which you may forfeit if you are bidding on/buying a home and back out. Over-renovating out of glee to design a Pinterest-worthy home can cost you thousands in extra time, material and opportunity cost. Not packaging your flip for re-sale properly can cost you thousands in lost opportunity, and not budgeting or underwriting well can leave you upside down on a property altogether. Especially as the market transitions, each of these points is even more important to understand and approach wisely; the market will no longer float inexperience or expensive mistakes.

If this course can guide you to approach deal-making and buying more thoughtfully, eliminate those huge financial pitfalls, and help you buy your first flip, then the tuition will be a pittance in comparison to your potential upside.

And lastly, if you are interested and committed to flipping your first home, there really are a few ways to learn, one of which is to “wing it” and hope for the best (not recommended, especially as the retail environment is quickly shifting), try to find a local investor to just give you the time, attention and resources you need (rare, but not impossible, but you usually need to already be bringing something to the table), take massive action and use online free resources/forums/local REAI’s for guidance (totally possible if you take action and take advantage of those resources!), or take a course/class from someone who is actively doing it as well and can help show you the way. None of these are right or wrong, but each of them does have a cost, either way. It just depends on if the school of hard knocks, time, or a financial investment is most worth it to you, with where you’re at right now.

Flip School will only be offered 3x/year


Once registration is open and you enroll, you’ll get the welcome email, an introduction to the curriculum and the first module that covers the Mindset, Habits and Power Network of a successful investor.

Retail pricing is currently $5,999 for all the modules, live training, live Q&A, the Flip School Facebook community, downloads, templates, scripts and more! (Please note promotional pricing will be posted in early 2023).

I’m excited to finally offer a way to introduce you to how to get started in fix and flipping, with LIVE COACHING, group setting and ongoing support for you to stay connected during your journey.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn from me LIVE, now is your chance! Class sizes will be limited.

“After following and admiring Tracy’s work on social media for years, I was thrilled to see that she was offering a course that was not only very comprehensive but also very affordable.

I currently work as a project manager for a real estate investor and was attracted to this course to improve my renovation skills and learn how another investor runs her flips, but also to gain a more complete understanding of the entire process of flipping a house; my expectations were absolutely met.

I really appreciated the first part of the course in which Tracy taught about flip lending and created a homework assignment for us to reach out to actual hard money lenders in our specific areas to have a conversation about the loans they offer.

Hearing about Tracy’s years of experience is invaluable in and of itself, but this course also offers step-by-step instructions, resources, community, accountability, and a space to ask questions to a real person rather that spending hours searching the internet for answers. The homework assignments are practical and make you take the steps that will actually move you toward your goal of flipping a house.”



Ready to make 2023 THE year you change your life? See in you Flip School