Video: Habits for Success

This video covers the habits of a successful real estate investor, and how they use systems and support to create “rich habits”

0:00 – Introduction

1:19 – What is the major habits we have to adopt as flippers?

2:18 – What are you trying to create with flipping houses (define your WHY)

5:48 – Books on habits, defining your strengths and focusing on the next best actions

7:19 – Adding habits into routines

11:28 – Boiling down the numbers to create systems and habits

14:28 – Hiring out the “habits”

16:45 – Thinking like a successful owner

21:14 – Investing in systems

25:25 – Examples of “rich habits”

30:00 – What are some habits you can adopt?

32:55 – Who not HOW