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Email Support

Alongside coaching calls, you have email access to send me questions.

What is my background and RE specialties?

– Short sales, pre-foreclosures, distressed properties/situation

– Seller direct marketing

– Flipping properties / design / redesign/renovations

– SFR/small multi family rental – income property

– Property management systems and operations for efficiency as an owner/Landlord

– Creating financial freedom through a simple, systems approach to real estate investing for individuals with small operations

*If your niche falls outside these specialties, please fill out the questionnaire so we can discuss your situation. If I am not the best fit, I may be able to recommend you to another coach who is.



You may be wondering:

I’m brand new to real estate? Will you teach me how to be an investor?

This coaching is for students who have some experience in real estate, even if you’re still in the beginning stages of your career. There are many resources available to get started, and I also recommend checking out my Flip School.

Do you only coach women? Or can men join this too?

I really enjoy coaching men just as much as women; all are welcome.

Do I have to commit to a year?

There is a 6 month minimum, but a year is most realistic.

Do you guarantee success?

Your effort, willingness and attitude will determine your progress. I am here to coach you, support your journey and give you accountability, but I don’t guarantee anything. Just like anything in life, you must do the work. If you are expecting payment and access to equal success, this isn’t a good fit.

What is your coaching style?

I think you’ll find I’m intuitive, straight-forward, resourceful and no-nonsense. You are not paying me to be your buddy; I am exchanging my time with you to help cut through your current challenges and explore a better way to your version of success. I pride myself on being able to teach complex concepts/skills in a way that is a lot more digestable, asking driving questions to get to the heart of the issue, offering functional solutions and being firm enough to hold you accountable. That all in mind, I am also very vocal in recognizing your talents, progress and successes and very much want to see you succeed.

Ready to see if you’re a good fit for coaching with Tracy?